Candelaria, Quezon


Prior to 1885, the pioneering barangays of Candelaria in its Western part notably, Taguan, Kinatihan and Masin were parts of the Municipality of Tiaong, while Malabanban, Mangilag and Sta. Catalina in the East, were under the jurisdiction of the town of Sariaya.

It was on December 26, 1878, that a permit was granted by the Governor General of the Philippine Islands for the establishment of an independent government over these barangays. Its boundaries were fixed by means of a treaty signed by the notable leaders of Tiaong, Sariaya and the founding families of Candelaria.

The King of Spain, His Majesty Alfonso XII, finally approved the establishment of Candelaria as an independent town on August 5, 1879. In 1902, after the cessation of the general hostilities against the Americans, Candelaria was obligated to seek the folds of her bigger sister, the town of Sariaya. But the pioneering spirit of its founders was not extinguished in the battlefield of those wars, so that in 1908, after almost seven years of dependent existence, Candelaria was again able to stand on its own feet. It was then a fourth class municipality. During the American Regime, the town has progressed by leaps and bounds. Many houses and public edifices were constructed, commerce and industries grew and everybody was contented, until the Japanese invasion turned everything into ashes again.

June 6, 1946 is the liberation day of Candelaria against the Japanese Imperial Army by the Americans, a time to start anew.

The municipality of Candelaria is acknowledged as the industrial center in the second district of Quezon, next only to Lucena City, and is now a first class municipality. Among the municipalities in the whole province, it has the most number of desiccated factories and oil mills employing thousands of people.

Mandate and Function


Vision Mission


CANDELARIA 2010: A progressive, agro-industrialized city in an ecologically-balanced environment with God-loving, highly involved, united, healthy, peaceful and globally competitive citizenry through a good and transparent government.


To provide and implement quality and sustainable programs and services in relation to the enhancement, promotion, maintenance of public safety, peace and order, healthy and safe environment for the ultimate welfare of the community by maximizing available resources and patronizing local rich-in resources through a stable, effective, good, transparent and God-fearing local governance and by maintaining harmonious working relationship between the executive and legislative levels and institutionalizing people empowerment and by being united leaders of the community.

Candelaria Official Seal

Map and Location

Geographic Location And Topography

Bounded on the north by Mt. Banahaw, on the south by San Juan, Batangas, on the west by Tiaong and on the east by Sariaya, Candelaria is located 112 kilometers south of the country's capital, city of Manila and approximately 23 kilometers from Lucena City, the capital city of Quezon Province.

Land Uses

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Classification Land Area Percent Share (%)
Residential 840.76 0.90%
Commercial 157.64 1.27%
Industrial 222.45 4.80%
Agricultural 13, 059.74 74.56%
Institutional 78.82 0.45%
Roads 119.11 0.68%
Parks & Open Spaces 1035.18 5.91%
Rivers & Creeks 285.51 1.63%
Forest Area 665.00 3.80%
Open Grassland 1050.94 6.00%
Total 17, 515.74 100%

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Facts and Figures


Total Population of Candelaria, Quezon as of 2007 Census


Total number of families


Total number of Households


Major Religious Denominations

•  Roman Catholic

•  Islam

•  Iglesia Ni Cristo

•  Protestant

•  Others







Number of Educational Institutions

•  Technical and Vocational Schools

•  Universities and Colleges

•  High school (public/private)

•  Elementary (public/private)






Annual Income

P 86,951,937.20

Income Sources

•  Internal

•  External

   ◊  IRA

   ◊  Share from the National Wealth


P 25,557,038.20




Income Class

1st Class

Major Income Sources

•  Local Taxes

•  Permits & Licenses

•  Service Income

•  Business Income


P 11,840,363.06




List of Special Events/Festivals

•  Candlemas

•  Mayohan / Tuklongan

•  Town Foundation Anniversary


January 27 to February 2

Month of May

August 1-5

Seat of Government (address)

Municipal Building, Maharlika
Highway, Candelaria, Quezon

Number of voting precincts


Total Number of Barangays

25 (9 Urban / 16 Rural)

Registered voters

(at the end of profile year)


Physical Features

Basic Facilities

•  Hospitals

•  Clinics

•  Public Market

•  Communications

   ◊  Cellular Phones

   ◊  Landline

   ◊  Postal Service

•  Recreational Facilities





•  Transportation

•  Power Supply

•  Water Supply






Globe, Smart, Sun Cellular

Digitel, GTSi

JRS, Post Office, BUTEL, RCPI

- Ancestral Houses

- Resorts and Restaurant

- Natural Springs & Waterfalls

- Cockpit Arena

- Parks & Playgrounds

All kinds of private & public vehicles


Brgy. Poblacion Water System

List of Banks/Financial Institutions

•  Allied Bank

•  Bank of the Philippine Islands

•  Land Bank of the Phils.

•  Luzon Development Bank

•  Maybank Phil. Inc.

•  Equitable PCI Bank

•  PS Bank

•  Quezon Traders Rural Bank

•  Rural Bank of Candelaria

•  Tagkawayan Rural Bank

•  Quezon Capital Rural Bank

•  United People's Savings Bank

•  Candelaria Cooperative Bank

List of Tourist Destinations

•  Casa Patricia Hotel, Resort & Restaurant

•  Fishing Paradise Hotel, Resort & Restaurant

•  Del Valle Mansion

•  Ancestral Houses

Seat of Government (address)

Municipal Building, Maharlika

Highway, Candelaria, Quezon

Congressional District